5 Essential Contents Of Titan Transline First Aid Kit

Working in a trucking industry, such as Titan Transline, exposes you to various risks and dangers while on the road. To ensure that you are prepared for any eventualities, it would be best to take a first aid it with you when you hit the road.

OTC pills

Over-the-counter pills such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory, loperamide, antacid and similar pills can come in handy when you are far from hospitals or clinics. These pills give you a quick fix for migraines or headaches brought about by too much exposure to glares, blinding lights and heat.

High quality Band-Aids

High-quality band-aids are important as they can stop or slow down bleeding out of cuts or wounds related to your job, such as when delivering goods or travelling. Aside from band-aids, consider including gauze pads and antiseptic.


Tweezers are effective in pulling out splinters, shards of glass, and tiny slivers out of your skin. Make sure to keep one in your first aid kit as you never know when you are going to need it while driving a truck for Titan Transline.

Lip balm

Trucking exposes one to harsh weather conditions. It also puts the trucker exposed to strong winds, snow, heat and similar thermal conditions that dries up the skin, specifically the lips. A medicated lip balm can keep your lips moisturized and protected against cracking which eventually leads to cuts. Having cracked lips can be painful when eating or talking and can also make you feel uncomfortable. Pick the tube form and not the stick type as it can melt and turn gooey in high temperature.

Eye drops

The eyes should always remain protected all throughout the long drives. Use googles or sun glasses with anti-UV ray and progressive lens to ensure that your vision remains clear and your eyes won’t hurt while driving for Titan Tansline. Aside from that, take time to put some eye drops during your rest stop or whenever you feel like you need it. Eye drops can effectively remove dust, unwelcome shards and other impurities that may obstruct a good vision.