5 Tips To A User-Friendly Web App

A web app needs to be user-friendly, there’s no denying that. But, sometimes, making sure that a web app is user-friendly can be more troublesome than doing the same for a website. However, since a web app’s user-friendliness can mean it could make or break the app, web application development services by Oxagile along with other big companies and any respectable web app developers go out of their way to ensure that an app is as user-friendly as possible.

  • Tooltips ahoy!
    • Good graphic design is somewhat minimalist, so having labels on all your icons can hurt that quite a bit. Users want a UI that’s friendly, but doesn’t hold their hand too much. A tooltip on an icon is a great way to ensure user-friendliness, without compromising helpfulness, since they only show up when someone goes to a particular option.
  • Don’t make them remember.
    • If a user inputs something on the first page of your app, make sure that you don’t force your user to go back to that page again and again to check what they inputted. Efficiency means that your app allows your user to do whatever they need with as little effort and intrusion as possible, meaning you provide them with the info they require and little else.
  • Offer different methods.
    • A web app needs to be designed with its users in mind. Users, as in, plural, meaning that there will be different people using the same app in their own different ways. Setting up different methods for doing something, makes your app dynamic for your users, allowing them to do what they want to do at the pace they want to.
  • Status Update?
    • ‘Loading’ is one of the most common things you see with any app, software or the like. It doesn’t seem that important to add such a small detail, but making absolutely sure that a user knows what an app is doing is very important. An app telling a user that it’s doing something important, means that they’ll be more patient with the app, as well as being a way of telling users that the app is actually making use of the input they put in.
  • Scroll, scroll, scroll.
    • Don’t be afraid to make your user scroll down. In fact, the bottom area of an app or a page is arguably the most important one. When a customer inquires about web application development services by Oxagile, how do you know with the least amount of doubt possible, that they are interested? It’s because they actually went to the trouble of scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the app or the company site. If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t have put in the effort.