The Advantages Of Using Video In The Landing Page

Videos are one of the most powerful tools for visual communication that can deliver a clear message to an audience. A visually appealing video can be used to present a product or service. It is for these reasons why videos are gaining popularity in web design; it can create a dynamic web page that can attract the attention of web users. There are several types of videos that can be used by a web developer.

  • Promotional videos that explain what the business is all about and what it can provide for a consumer. For example, a site that deals in packaging can have a video incorporated in web design on how packaging is chosen based on theme.
  • A website tour that allows the viewer a glimpse of what can be found in the website
  • A virtual tour that provides the physical location of the business

Benefits of using video on the landing pages

Whenever possible, it is essential to use videos on the landing pages because it provides a passive engagement medium so that the user can understand your message with very little effort. Results from the study of revealed that using video on the landing pages has increased conversion by 80%. This is proven by the overwhelming popularity of YouTube as a platform for marketing campaigns. Videos will increase the time that visitors stay in your page giving your brand message more than enough time to sink in. Many web users often the lack the patience to read through text and they prefer to watch than read.

How to make videos more effective

Write a script before recording a video so that everything will flow smoothly according to plan. One of the best types of videos is a “how-to video” that makes the site look and sound professional. Try long and short versions of your video and determine how your visitors react. Some products may require a more detailed video while others can fulfill their goals with 30 seconds. Make sure to upload your video in YouTube and optimize it for SEO to give your site better opportunities to land in the first page of the search engine results.