Cross-Border Strategies To Effectively Transport Goods

Cross-border trade has always been the driving force in North America’s economic growth. The trucking sector plays a critical role in cross-border trade because almost all goods at some point are carried by trucks across the Canadian and US borders. However, in order to ensure the effective transport of goods, it is important to consider some cross-border strategies.

Importance of establishing warehouses near the borders

Whether goods are shipped to the US or Canada, it is important to establish warehouses near the borders for greater flexibility in managing congestion, transit times, and capacity. Congestion at the border can easily create delays that can affect the number of daily trips that a truck can make. Fewer trips will be made if the trucks have a longer distance to travel to and from a warehouse. If the warehouse is established near the border, the number of trips that a cross-border truck can make increases even with congestion. Lead times and overall efficiency will also be improved when a strategically placed warehouse becomes a distribution hub.

Advantages of working with C-TPAT-certified carriers

C-TPAT or Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is an initiative of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) where participants work towards the protection of supply chains from the concealment of terrorist weapons and weapons of mass destruction. In terms of security issues, C-TPAT-certified carriers are considered low risk. Since there are fewer inspections, trucks reach the destinations faster without the additional costs of duties on shipments.

Importance of transportation management system (TMS)

TMS is a logistics platform that makes use of technology to improve business planning, execution, and optimization of physical movement of both incoming and outgoing goods. It also makes sure that shipments are compliant with proper documents. Real-time information through TMS will identify opportunities to dramatically improve routes, space utilization on trailers, and reduce costs.

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