Easy Ways Get From Cairns To Port Douglas

If your next travel destination is at Port Douglas, one of the things that you need to book is Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle. With a few clicks on the internet, you will find a lot of shuttle companies that offer transportation services. However, with all the shuttle companies out there, you might have difficulty deciding which of them you are going to choose. Another important aspect is how you can get a shuttle service without spending more than you should. For a budget-friendly transportation to Port Douglas, take a look at these tips.

Conduct some research

One of the best ways to find the most affordable shuttle service possible is to compare the different rates of service providers. You can call the company or ask for quotes from at least three shuttle companies just to compare which of the companies in the area offers more value for your money. If you have found the most affordable transportation service, take a look at the buses of the company to ensure that they are in good condition and comfortable enough during the Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle.

Two-way booking

You can also save money by booking two-way instead of booking one way then worry your way back to the airport. Aside from the convenience of having a shuttle service from Cairns airport to Port Douglas and back again, you will also pay lower price because companies, generally offer lower rates for the return trip. If you book two-way, your transportation service becomes less of your holiday worries, not to mention saving money for it.

Search for discounts and specials

Another way to save money on Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle is by looking for discounts and specials in the shuttle company’s website. There are hotels that offer free shuttle service when you book from their hotel. In a way, you bundle the service but shuttle service becomes a freebie. You can also save money by bundling various services in one package. For instance, you can bundle your hotel accommodation, transportation service and plane tickets in one affordable package.