Elements Of Web Design That Must Be Given Prominence

Website design has a big effect on your conversions because even if you implement the best internet marketing tactics, if your web design is no good, you will not be able to convert your visitors. Design is more than just the web designer’s creativity; it is an effective tool for internet marketing. Web design follows certain principles and one of them is prominent visuals to generate attention.

There are certain portions of the website that are supposed to gain much attention. This includes forms, call to action buttons and value proposition. For example if the navigation bar includes 10 items, you will certainly want the user to click on the call to action button. If there is an element you want to be the biggest eye catcher, it should be call to action.

A good web designer surfs the web and consciously ranks elements according to their visual hierarchy. The information generated from other websites particularly the successful ones can become the guiding point in web design. If there is key information that users will likely look for, make it prominent and high enough in the hierarchy.

The more options for user, the more difficult it is to use. In order to provide users with a good shopping experience, eliminate the distracting options. If a lot of products and services are offered, add better filters to make a purchasing decision easier.

Images are a critical part of website content because it communicates your message faster than text. In principle, the human eyes see objects in their entirety before they are able to perceive individual parts. The key here is to ensure that the user sees the whole image before the parts. Another prominent element of your site must be navigation. It must be distinguished from other elements of design. Navigation must be consistent in all the web pages so that user will not get lost.

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