What To Expect From Web Design In 2015

Each year ushers in new trends in web design but “ugly christmas sweater” have noticed some trends tend to disappear and re-appear after a few years. Predictions are also expected for 2015 about new web design trends that will change the way it is normally done. However, they expect simpler and less complicated web designs to catch the attention and interest of the target audience.

Web design will favor simple, minimalist and aesthetic

In the past, web designers focused on showing of their skills through animations, flashy illustrations and a lot of color; then the shift to more real object characteristics that gave way to flat design trend. Flat design is a minimalist approach to web design that focuses on usability by featuring more open space, brighter colors and two-dimensional flat illustrations. However, minimalistic design does not mean boring but simply a reduction in clutter that distracts the attention of the user. Bright contrasting colors will make illustrations and buttons pop up from backgrounds to easily catch user attention.

The growing trend for responsive web design

It is expected that 2015 will be the year when mobile usage will overtake laptops and desktop computers. This trend has been proven by the recent Black Friday sales where mobile shopping dominated over other platforms particularly brick and mortar shops. This requires websites to be optimized for mobile although it does not mean that two versions must be implemented. Responsive web design allows content to adapt to any screen size without any changes that can impact on user experience.

Scrolling will be favored over clicking

Websites used to be comprised of several pages with a navigation button that a user clicks on to reach a different page. So many pages tend to irk customers because they do not have enough time to be clicking on various pages just to find information they need. Scrolling will be more popular in 2015 because people want to see everything is a single page. However, when considering SEO, multi-pages seem to be more friendly to search engines but evolution in web design will ensure that substantial content is provided in the form of a single page that can be efficiently scrolled.