Guide In Creating A Website For Service Providers

Gone are the days when service providers’ customers are limited to their local community. With the advent of technology, these service providers are able to reach more consumers. While some services are limited with the distance such as installers of solar on the Gold Coast, there are those that can be done online such as programmers and graphics designers. Regardless of this, there is no denying that a website is important in order for the business to survive competition in this day and age.

The problem with websites created for services is that they almost look the same. While this is okay majority of the time, standing out in an industry where the competition is high is very important. You should be able to make yourself known beyond more than what people perceives of the industry.

The major difference between service providers is the way that the services are displayed to the consumers and how it is explained. First, let us focus on the content of the website.

  • It is recommended to replace the word ‘we’ and use ‘you, our clients or your’ instead.
  • If you have a lot of texts on your website, reduce it by half. After doing that, eliminate another half. Customers do not have the time to read everything but the key points.
  • Jargon should be avoided as much as possible.

Culture is what will separate a good service provider from the best. If you want your site to speak with culture on the centre, it should have an About Us page, Mission and Vision statement should be included, a group photo of the team, post hiring ads despite not needing new workers, post about charity works and how you give back to the community and link your website to all the social network accounts of the business. This will help you connect with your consumers on a more personal note.

If you have installed solar on the Gold Coast before, make sure to request your previous customers to post testimonials on your website for the reference of new customers. Lastly, you should be knowledgeable on what you do in order to convince customers to hire your services.