Guide On How To Design A Faster Website

Businesses all over the world such as dealers of Honda motorbike know how important it is to have a fast and reliable website. Everybody seems to be always busy and rushing from one place to another. Therefore, no one has got the time to wait for a website to load or the patience to wait for its elements to load properly. It is essential to have a website that is fast loading or else potential buyers will close the window and look for another website. How do you make sure your website will load fast?

  • Do not use too many flash. There are those who think that a professional website must have flash but it must not be abused or else the website will load longer. Also, flash is not readable by search engines therefore it will not contribute in any way if you are looking for ways to search engine optimization.
  • Make sure to perform image compression. Images are good in a website because it adds element aside from the usual texts but sometimes if the image is high quality its file size is also larger. When this happens, it takes time to download the image thus the site will have to wait for it to complete. This is where image compression comes in. It will shrink the size but will not affect the quality tremendously.
  • Code cleaning. This is another important step to make sure that your website loads faster. HTML coding could have unnecessary elements such as white space, spaces and tags that do not contribute anything to the entire code. For tags, make use of default and eliminate them is possible.
  • If your website still makes use of traditional table layout, it is time to change into CSS or cascading style sheets. This will make website creation faster and loading will also improve considerably.
  • For e-commerce websites such as dealers selling Honda motorbike, it is best to use thumbnails if there are a lot of products to list. The user can zoom in on the image if they desire to take a closer look and it will not compromise the website’s speed.