HCG Weight Loss: What Can You Eat?

We all love to eat, right? Food is one of human’s sources of happiness and satisfaction in life. You can eat almost everywhere from the comfort of your kitchen to some fancy restaurant to some food stall along the busy side streets and even in the forest. However, unhealthy eating habits, whether it’s an all-protein diet or you really love processed food, has bad impacts not just to your body but to your life as well. When you get uncontrollably fat, you will be depressed of your looks. You will be desperate to get back into shape either by starving yourself or tiring yourself at the gym. Now, there are many people who claimed that employing the HCG weight loss plan is indeed, helpful to losing those unwanted fats. Why? This specific dietary assistance will force your body to only consume 500 calories for an entire day. And that’s way below the suggested number of calorie intake.

When you are on HCG weight loss plan, your meals must be strictly controlled to follow the 500-calorie rule per day. For breakfast, there should no solid food. You can only drink black coffee or tea. And by the way, sugar is not allowed. To make things worse, this diet only allows you to consume a teaspoon of milk in that 24-hour span. Most of the calories you will take in for the day will come from your lunch and dinner. It will consist of a lean protein which is obviously fatless, little bites of vegetables. Since this diet doesn’t allow big consumption of meat, it can be fixed by serving an egg and a slice of a low fat cheese. Even the vegetables are not allowed to be topped by anything to conserve the nutrients. Choices of vegetables to be consumed for lunch or dinner include spinach, chard, chicory, celery, onions, red radishes, cucumbers and cabbage. In addition to this, you are only allowed three choices of drinks for the day: black coffee, tea and tap/mineral water.

If you are going to employ the HCG weight loss plan, you really have to take sacrifices. This is not an ordinary diet plan. One wrong move and the complications are catastrophic.