How Effective Is Minimalist Website Design?

After reading a king kong agency review online, a user is usually encouraged to access the digital agency’s website. The generous use of white space will draw your attention to the website features like written content and graphics. You are encouraged to click on call to action because it is very obvious and cannot be missed in the landing page.

If you are planning to refresh your current website design, you might as well consider minimalist web design. This design is one of the most recognizable and viable trends today. Minimalist design is closely associated to white or negative space. It follows the golden rule that less-is-more.

However, it does no mean that you need to stick to white or grey; light pale colours work, too. Hue variances can be used to provide subtle differentiation among the design elements. Since the goal is to attract users to the website, use basic typography and simple graphics. Features have to be free of visual clutter to be more appealing.

However, the problem with web design trends is it appeals only to a particular audience. It is also mostly time-sensitive meaning that when sales go down, the business is left without any viable online engagement.

Before deciding on minimalistic design for brand identity, determine first whether it is worth taking a risk particularly since there are many viable website design options.

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