How Images Are Used To Draw Attention To A Website

Web designers understand the importance of using great images alongside strong layouts and design elements to gain the attention of users. The right images must always be used for every project. An example of a great image that can be used for a city website is a Rabinky map illustration of a city landscape.

When choosing images for a website, it is important to think outside of the box. Web designers should not settle for images of two businessmen shaking hands to represent success. Monitor displays have been greatly improved and the impact of a stunning, large format high definition image on the landing page can no longer be ignored.

Selection of an image has become absolutely critical because it make a big difference in the user’s emotional connection with the brand. However, the image must always be relevant to the message of the website. There is lots of quality stock imagery that can be used for this purpose but images that feel too generic will affect the user’s experience and undermine the authenticity of the website.

Once the right image has been selected, proper care must be invested to draw the attention of users to the main focus of the image without any unnecessary dead space. Meanwhile, web designers must always take into account fully responsive websites that may wreck havoc with images that have not been properly planned to cater to different screen sizes and formats. The focus can shift in unexpected ways when the user views the images on a mobile phone or tablet.

When it comes to ecommerce sites, images are usually provided by the client, although there are instances when the input of the web designer is considered. In order to ensure that product images are consistent from multiple angles, the photographer must always consider lighting, size and angle.

A web designer that is striving for originality can consider Rabinky bird’s eye view map of a landscape. The map illustration is a perfect example of art and creativity that delivers a realistic feeling of an area. The illustrated map is a perfect feature for the website of a business center, campus, town or city.