How To Do Better When Designing Your Website

For a courier company, having a website to display courier quote and all other information regarding the business is important. One wrong move with the design though could lead to losing a potential customer to competition. Before you jump into website design, here a few things to read that might help you make a better website for your clients.

First, having a plan is very important. Create a map of the journey the customer will most likely take from the moment they land on your homepage until they click that purchase button. Think about the pages they might want to visit, the content they want to read about and the offer they might take up on. Once you understand this, you know what aspect of the website you have to work more on and what parts need improvement.

There are elements on a website that can be distracting for customers and might lead them not to purchase. These elements should be eliminated from your site such as complicated animation, content with too many texts should be summarized and images that are download from stock contents. Instead focus on brief but powerful contents that will catch the visitor’s attention and will make them stay longer on the site and eventually lead to sales.

Social media is currently the gold mine for businesses because of the number of consumers using it on a daily basis. If your website does not have links to social media platforms or your content cannot be shared to these social media channels then you are surely missing out. There are a number of free tools you can use to do this such as Shareaholic and SumoMe.

If you don’t know what calls-to-action buttons are, it is time you get on with this trend. These are buttons placed on the site to get visitors to make an action next. It can be a link to a free e-book, a request to get a free courier quote or a form to book a free consultation. Providing these helpful tools will create trust and more likely lead to the customers coming back if they require your services or products.