How To Perfect A Website’s Structural Layout

There are two important factors that need to be considered when making a website either for a specialist logistics company or a professional website – content and containers. The container is divided into two parts, the style and structure. This article will discuss more about structure which also encompasses the layout of the website.

  • Make use of visual hierarchy. This is necessary to catch the attention of the visitors starting from the most important parts of the page to the least important ones. The law of visual hierarchy starts with size, position, colour, formatand proximity of elements between one another. For the best effect, these aspects should be combined accordingly. Visual hierarchy is responsible for the path that the user sees whenever they see a page which eventually leads to a call-to-action button.
  • Headline should have description along with appropriate keywords. The headline should carry a description to let the visitors know that they have landed on the right website. It is also the best place to use keyword that will show relevance to the search of the user. Remember to place the headline above the fold which is the invisible line that separates the content that can be seen as soon as the page loads and the contents below which can only be seen by scrolling down. A study has shown that 80 per cent of visitors only look at the contents above the fold.
  • Don’t cram all your call-to-action above the fold. While it may be the most viewed, the most interaction happens below the fold if you are to use the analysis presented by Chartbeat. It revealed that below the fold is the most effective place for call-to-action because visitors spend a lot more time there than above the fold.
  • Go for a tall page to answer all the queries of the visitors. More pixels is equal to more space in order to answer the readers’ question, pay attention to their objections and have a space for evidence when needed. This is most important for a business website such as a specialist logistics company in order to answer customers and to attract them to patronize their services.