How Web Design Has Affected Online Advertising

It wasn’t too long ago that web designing was just a little side activity that most people and organizations didn’t pay much attention to.

These days, a business can live or die on its web design, so people like king kong sabri suby pay close attention to it.


Online advertising is but one of the many industries that web design has had a notable impact on, a reaction brought about by the frequency with which people shop online. Both e-commerce and online advertising have turned into multi-million dollar industries, with businesses that have become increasingly reliant on good online advertising to reach their customers.

Online advertising and web design are intrinsically linked; as a website is developed to be more interactive and visually appealing, so to have the online advertising projects that come with it. On top of that, both industries share certain key aspects:

  • A reliance on graphics
  • The importance of content quality, and visual appeal
  • Having the right target demographic, as well as relying on the latest tools to ensure good aesthetics.


As web design has emphasized white spaces and minimalism more, so has online advertisers like king kong sabri suby followed suit. Online ads are now all about elegant simplicity; saying as much as possible with as little as possible. Digital marketing is more than just online ads now, but also ads specially made for websites.

Of course, as web design influences online advertising, the inverse also applies. Web developers and designers now need to brush up on online advertising to make the most of their industry.