Illustrations In Story Books Encourage Young Readers

It is very likely that you have noticed that children are more interested in illustrated books than the regular ones that are filled with words. In storybooks, the storyline is the most crucial that is why most authors work with an illustrator to make illustrations of the characters to enhance readability.

Why illustrations are important in children’s books

  • Illustrations motivate a child to read. One of the solutions often used by parents is to give their children a story book to keep them busy. Younger kids who are not able to read may not comprehend the storyline but they are attracted by the colourful illustrations. In fact, illustrated characters are one of the motivating factors to encourage a child to read.
  • Illustrations strengthen visual thinking. Picture books help children connect with things they observe. Illustrations will help them reason and connect concepts with text.
  • Illustrations can improve listening. By reading a book aloud, children will pay attention towards reading and add a fun element to it. When children are taught to listen during childhood, they will become better listeners in the future.
  • Illustrations improve control and self-confidence. In the real world, there are many do’s and don’ts for children. Through picture books, children are given an opportunity to be a part of a story. They are able to control the pace of the story by reading slowly, by pausing between pages or by going back to the previous pages that they find more interesting.
  • Illustrations are used as learning tools. Many teachers exploit the benefits of illustrations in teaching children. They use illustrations to provide children with ideas that used to be unknown to them. For example, teachers use illustrations of fruits, vegetables, birds or animals to teach them new things. Map illustrations are also used for older groups to help them understand complex topics like a history lesson.

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