Importance Of Meaningful Images In Web Design

If you will take a look at the map illustrations by Maria Rabinky, the first thing you will notice is the hand drawn images of buildings, landmarks and landscape details used to deliver a message. Images are very important in aerial view maps as well as web design because they allow viewers to find information more easily.

The secret to designing an engaging and attractive website is the use of a wide range of media like videos, audio, graphics and images that convey a message. If the appropriate media is chosen, it can significantly improve user experience and expectations. However, it is also important to consider the devices that users use to access the site because of certain technical limitations.

For example, videos are very popular but not all devices have the capability to fulfil the technical requirements of video watching. It is the same with audio because it cannot be accessed unless the person wears earphones. The medium that works best to boost user experience is images.

When designing a website, it is important to remember that people prefer images over text. A website that does not contain images is boring. Instead of reading a lot of text, a visitor prefers to quickly scan an image. Visual information is very critical because it eliminates language barriers. It is also easier to share images than written content.

In web design, the images used must be of great value to the visitor. It has to present important information that will engage the visitor to the website content. Images must not be used to get rid of too much space; they should support content.

One of the keys to enhance user engagement is the use of human images. Visitors will feel that they are actually connecting to humans not just a website. However, images must not be used as banner ads that people usually ignore.

In order to create a good impression, you can use one of the map illustrations by Maria Rabinky on your resort or campus website. It can be used as a background image to create a unique atmosphere that most visitors desire. A map illustration of your city will also be a perfect attraction for your website.