Important Features That Must Be Highlighted In A Hotel Website

One of the reasons why a hotel must have a website is to achieve online presence. In today’s digital age, a hotel misses the opportunity to generate direct bookings when there is no online presence. For example, business hotel in Sathorn has invested in professional web design with outstanding content to gain the interest of travellers who are searching for accommodations.

A great start for a hotel website is to ensure that it is optimized for search engines so that the pages will rank well in search results. With SEO it is very easy for a hotel to gain organic traffic that will generate leads and conversions. Another thing is being optimized for mobile so that the website will be searchable for visitors who prefer to use their mobile phone for search.

A mobile friendly website must include an online reservation with a simple “book now” button. If possible, the call to action button must be embedded in every page that connects to the online reservation system. Since a huge number of potential guests are too busy with their work, adding live chat will be a good solution to reach those who are secretly planning a vacation. Live chat is customizable meaning you have another choice aside from the traditional “Hi! Can I help you?”

When a website is accessed through mobile phones, there must always be a phone icon or phone number that can be clicked on to make a call. The icon should be on top of the screen on every page that the visitor scrolls.

Each of the images posted on the website must include a brief description. The images must feature the unique selling points of the hotel like rooms, activities, amenities, wedding venues and meeting rooms. It is very likely for visitors to want to see the images in one place so that they can make a confident decision.

One of the best features of business hotel in Sathorn that is highlighted in the website is the scintillating ambiance of the hotel. Its favourable location in the centre of the city of Bangkok makes the hotel very attractive to business travellers because of the fast and easy connection to all parts of the exotic city.