Important Pros And Cons Of Vespa Scooters

Vespa scooters are light weight vehicles that can easily manoeuvre the city traffic. They are easy to park because of their small size and are preferred by most riders to reach the destination fast. It is a better choice to invest in a Vespa scooter if it is your first vehicle. You can easily practice and sharpen your driving skills with this light weight scooter.  Let us discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of owing a Vespa.


  • Your Vespa dealer will vouch for the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Since the scooter is light weight and has a small engine, it does not require much fuel.
  • The scooter has classic looks which are pretty. The small size makes it easy to find parking and easily navigate the city traffic.
  • Most of the Vespa dealers stock original spare parts. The vehicle is very popular and dealers generally maintain stock of the parts. You need not keep waiting for the parts to arrive as is the case of some old scooters.
  • Maintenance of these scooters is easy. The Vespas are basic so fixing minor repairs is an easy task. And the Vespa dealers are happy to offer assistance to their customers for repair and maintenance of these scooters.


  • Vespa is a basic scooter. Though it is easy to ride, it does not have the macho look of a bike. The scooter is ideal to navigate through city traffic and reach your destination in time but it is not the best choice if you want to go for long drives.
  • Vespas have a small engine and they are designed for city roads. They are very slow. If you are a speed demon, you might not enjoy driving a Vespa.
  • Vespa is a basic scooter. You cannot expect to get the fancy gadgets like modern motorcycles. It is a small bike and has small wheels. You may need some practice and getting used to the vehicle for having a safe drive.
  • Vespas have a huge following. They are very much in demand when compared to the other scooters. This makes them pricier when compared to other brands. A visit to your Vespa dealer will help you to know the prices of other scooters in the market and make an informed decision.