Increase Sales By Optimizing Your Website’s Images

Most e-commerce sites take for granted the importance of image optimization as there are things they focus on more such as driving traffic to the site and increasing the conversion rate. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, website owners are more likely to focus on the keywords they use, the contents of a page and the back links. Without awareness, one is not oriented to the fact that a well optimized page with photos that loads faster could result to a higher conversion.

According to Amazon, for every one second delay in the website’s loading the company suffers a massive loss of $1.6 billion. Let’s dive in deepen into image optimization and its importance. Research revealed that a page that has been image optimized is more likely to rank higher when it comes to organic searches. There are various factors that could affect a website’s SEO and image optimization is one of them. For a website that contains a lot more images means Google will give it a higher ranking.

Another reason for image optimization is Google’s latest method of searching with the help of images. Users will only have to search online with the help of an image rather than a keyword. This way, they will be able to find what they are looking for. This is an advantage to e-commerce sites that contains a lot of images relevant to the search.

There are some things that could be done in order to optimize images. First, high quality images should be optimized. It is not recommended to use low quality images that will not attract the customers’ attention. Choose images that will more likely attract customers rather than basing them on your personal opinion. Second, it is important that images must be your own and have your copyright. This is not only to make you unique from the rest but to avoid any legal troubles for image copyright. Third, decide on one major keyword that will best represent the image. Paper Mart paper bags is a good example of website wherein there are a lot of images but well optimized making the page load faster.