Know Which Platform Works Best For Your Online Business

People nowadays are more practical, they are now thinking of having a secured future more than ever before. The growth of online businesses has been drastic. There will be no doubt that it will grow larger in the next month or even the years that have yet to come. Convenience and accessibility and a few bucks for capital, make online retail more encouraging for people to invest in.

But there are factors to consider in building a lasting business. Many people viewing the site mean more potential customers to purchase your products. And how will that be done? One is with the use of a hosted eCommerce platform. This is a software that promotes services like online payment, inventory management, resources for service technologies and others. And here are some of the best options to choose from.


They basically handle all hassles and sort out clutters of online retail with their very helpful features. The environment is user friendly. It gives users freedom to take full control on the website design, accepts major credit cards, the security is state of the art and they provide 24/7 toll free support to assist customer’s concerns.


Making it easy for promoting online shops and with a guarantee of making it beautiful and powerful in the business is the main goal of this platform. Their professional services include assistance in moving in your data seamlessly from another platform. They offer personal coaching and counselling which would be perfect for a newbie. It also includes step by step guidance that will help you choose a perfect app and boost eCommerce SEO, find what’s the best email marketing tool to use and much more.


This is a go to site for store-builders. It promotes “all-in-one” solution for online sellers. Their services include shopping cart, eCommerce website creation and hosting. They also have built-in templates that are free and could be customized. There is also a 24/7 customer support to be assisted by their expert account managers. Very convenient indeed!

X-Cart Cloud

This platform has also been making a scene in the internet marketing world. They promote an easy to utilize, modify and maintain system that should be perfect not only for beginners but also for those who have limited time in managing their online business. On their website they cited reasons why to choose their services, such as: awesome templates, open source PHP code, technological marvel and others.

Big Cartel

Artists are also now making names in the online business, showing off their own designs and well-crafted handmade materials. And Big Cartel is the very place to promote these merchandises. They are a good source of clothing designers and other customized product makers. They offered an artsy customizable platform for selling these products.

Using these platforms is an advantage for you to easily manage your online business. Although, it may also limit the creativity and control on your own store. If you are after making your business on top of the line for a shorter period of time, these credible eCommerce hosted platforms will surely help you with that.