Look At Your Competitor’s Website Before Designing Your Own Website

Before designing a website for pool tiles retailer, it is important to know the web practices of the competition that made them successful in 2019. Web design is one of those things that evolve rapidly. The internet is 30 years old and yet the standards for exceptional websites have changed at an incredible pace.

Most websites today are mobile friendly. If you do not have a responsive web design, it is about time to have the website re-designed so that you won’t be eclipsed by your competitors. Most search traffic nowadays comes from mobile and it will continue to grow because of the overwhelming popularity of smart phones.

Online users with lightning-fast internet speed simply skim through content particularly websites that are text-heavy. However, industry-leading websites like HSBC have managed to overcome this problem. The increased size of the white space border makes content easily readable for visitors while improved colour contrasts and font weights have made content easier on the eyes. When there are more images, there is more enticing content that a user can click on.

The current site of HSBC includes more information compared to its 2016 site. Gradual tweaks over time have made content more engaging. HSBC’s web design is using content-first approach and invaluable analytics about user behaviour making it different from its previous design.

As early as 2010, most web designers already know that videos can increase engagement and conversion rates. Recently, asymmetrical layouts and organic appearances not only make websites engaging but immersive.  Gone are the shackles of basic linear forms.

With mobile-first approach and technologies like progressive web apps, minimalistic iconography is now being used without restraint in desktops to improve user experience. An example is Trip Advisor that changed its web design in August 2018.  Less than a year later, a new design was implemented that made significant improvements to usability.

Summer has arrived and it is now the perfect time to upgrade your pool tiles to something that will complement the season. Impress your friends when they visit and take a swim in your pool. Look for new ideas and inspiration including colour guides so that your pool will look unique.