Minimalism: Its Significance And Its Impacts

Minimalism is not lost amidst all the global design trends. In fact, its popularity is increasing and all around the World Wide Web you can spot the spotless flat look of a minimalist design.

UX Magazine taps into this new growing trend and proves that it is more than just a pretty face in web design.

Minimalist/Flat look’s is considered as the most sophisticated of all the web designs. Its main objective is to showcase a website without utilizing any three-dimensional effects. By doing so, flat look’s crispness and clarity is given emphasis. By getting rid of all the illusions provided by three-dimensional effects, your website can function in its full capacity. Minimalism is not only sophisticated but rather faster and more functional.

Simplicity is the anchor of all designs based on minimalism. Designers wants to focus on other things that deemed more important, the website’s content and the message it conveys to users.

Why focus on dimensionality when in fact everything on screen is flat and at the end of the day, dimensionality is still an illusion. It is said that dimensionality makes you feel like you are experiencing things in a personal level but minimalism makes you realize the true meaning of on-screen experience. Flat design is the ambassador for a user-friendly design. It screams familiarity and simplicity without all the layers.

Like fashion, design trends are changing every year. Like fashion, it comes back. One of these day minimalism might be old news replaced by another trend-setting design yet we know that a few decades from now it will be back like some reincarnation.

In this ever changing digital world where you think everything is without limit, minimalism is a wake-up call. It is teaching us to embrace one very important fact, even the digital world has a limitation and we should work around it. After all, minimalism can provide you ease of functionality as well as beauty.