Mistakes To Avoid In Web Design

The website of an orthodontist must be unique and not created through a template and stock photography. Templates are used over and over again for dental practices throughout the country. There is a very likely chance that the competitor also used the same template and photographs with hardly any distinctions at all.

Using stock photography instead of authentic photography can be very dangerous particularly if the competitor also works with the same web design agency. There is a big chance that most dentists are also using the same photographs in their homepage. What would a potential patient think if he sees the same images on two different dental websites particularly if the dental practice is located close to yours?

A custom website is different from a customized template. In custom web design, the website is literally created from scratch. It is not based on an off-the-shelf template that has been amended. To build a custom website, the web designer focuses on learning about the dental practice, its requirements and the message it wants to shares to users.

Dentists must avoid web designers that tell them about a perfect marketing plan for the website because the plan might have been used for other dental practices. When it comes to long term strategies, cookie-cutter marketing techniques don’t work. Marketing strategies must be unique to the website to gain brand awareness.

Another disadvantage to using pre-planned, generic marketing strategies to market the dental practice is zero branding. This means that your web design must be entirely different from that of the competitor not only in blog articles but tweets, Facebook posts and email marketing messages.

Web design for a dental practice must look professional and not messy. Navigation must be user friendly so that a potential patient can easily find the information he is searching for. Showcase location, business hours and the dental treatments provided to increase visibility.

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