Reddit Launches In-House Creative Strategy Agency

Reddit is working to expand its ad business and make the most of its presence on the market, like any platform looking to remain relevant.

The site recently launched its own in-house creative strategy agency, Karma Lab, which will assist businesses looking to get promotions from the communities and brands on Reddit.

Karma Lab will be available to all of Reddit’s ad partners, with the platform saying that offerings are scaled based on the needs of the client and their campaign.

Notably, the announcement comes hot in the heels of Reddit’s other additional ad offerings, including a range of options for video ads, Trending Takeover placement, and the like.

While Reddit’s audience isn’t as big as other platforms (~52mn as of May 2021), its hosts highly active, niche subreddits communities, meaning that finding people based on specific interests is a lot easier, for users and advertisers alike.

Reddit hasn’t exactly been the most receptive to ads and online marketing, but it’s moving away from that, and, with the help of Karm Lab, it’ll work on helping businesses create more natural-feeling ad campaigns that users respond to better.

Part of Reddit’s efforts for ad expansion also included the platform cleaning itself up, which was marked by the platform removing thousands of its most controversial communities in June 2021, as part of the enforcement of their new rules regarding hate speech.

The changes were made in response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the US, but it also made Reddit a more secure, open option for brands who are looking for somewhere to get promotions. Time will tell how Karma Lab will score on something like king kong marketing agency review, but it’s clearly got potential.