Sending A Message Through Web Design

Every year a new trend is introduced in web design. The trend three years ago may be obsolete today. For example, a website that offers cheap games online may lose its popularity if the web design is outdated. Brands that will make people rememberwill standout against the competitors. A logo will make people think of a brand as well as large fonts.

Web design must send a message in the quickest way possible. This can be accomplished by using large images with a few words as description. Someone who sees the picture may immediately decide to buy or recommend it to others. Besides that, if the consumer is using a mobile phone with a smaller screen, it is still easy to see the image without the need to expand the screen.

There was a year when videos were the trend. Web designers made sure that videos were all over the page. However, the use of videos became meaningless because people were confused on what videos they should open. Today, the strategy is to post one video and let it play automatically. However, the video must be embedded in the web page so that it will not affect space and loading time. For people with fast internet connection there won’t be any problems opening a video.

Years ago, web design was all about aesthetics to appeal to a larger audience. Unfortunately, unique aesthetics did not generate the expected results. A lot of people preferred the flat design because it was easier to understand. A page will not get popular with the use of shadows, added dimensions and other unnecessary stuff. If the goal is to appeal to an audience regardless to age, gender or educational background, web design must be as simple as possible. Web design trends come and go but simplicity will never go out of style.

There are free and really cheap games online. However, these games are usually financed through paid extensions or cheap CD keys. This model is called freemium or a combination of free and premium where payment is required for additional game rounds or game items that will increase a player’s success. This means that adults must show interest when children are buying games.