The Small Aspects that Mean A Great Deal in Web Design

When you hear the words web design, your mind would automatically think of the creative side of the term and focus on the designing portion. Though it is indeed a huge consideration in the matter at hand, there are smaller aspects which would sometimes seem insignificant but actually can greatly affect the performance of a website. And this refers to the typography used in your site.

Why Typography Should Be Given the Attention It Deserves

People are majorly graphical animals. They prefer posts with a lot of images and this is the same way with websites. If there are a lot of texts in a website’s page, most people would ignore whatever is written in that page. But this also does not mean that texts are not important in websites. In fact, it is how you use and manage those texts to your advantage that will help you improve its look in the eyes of your visitors.

Your priority before using content and typography is understanding your audience. Why do they visit your website and what are they looking for? Are they looking for instructions on how to use some products or do they want tips on the efficiency of the product? After figuring out this first part of the task, the next thing to deal with is typography.

No, you don’t need gigantic letters just to send your message across. In fact, using these huge letter can be annoying in the eyes. And you definitely do not need those neon-colored blinking letters just to capture their attention. What you need is something simple and soothing to the eyes. And when considering the color of the text, a dark hue like black and grey is highly recommended, especially for a lighter background.

Technically, there are six aspects you need to consider when focusing on typography.

• Font type
• Font size
• Font color
• Line length
• Line Spacing
• Paragraphing

Deal with these aspects carefully. Always remember that the importance of typography is the same as the importance of a smooth navigation system and the orientation of the pages. A small problem in these aspects can affect your site’s performance big time.