The Techniques Behind Minimalist Web Design

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Today, minimalist web design is emerging as a powerful design technique. According to a study made by EyeQuant, clean design has lower bounce rates, faster loading times and better compatibility across screen sizes.

One of the best examples of minimalist design is Google Search where simplicity is prioritized on the interface. The home page is specifically designed around the central search function. Anything that is unnecessary to the function expect branding was avoided.

The technique behind minimalist design is to simplify the interface by removing any unnecessary elements and content that will not support the user’s task. Only the elements with the highest importance are used. Each item or image used in design must have a purpose and necessary to make the message clear.

The idea of making the message clear to users does not mean hiding or removing content. Everything that distracts the attention of users from content is stripped away except for some visible elements like primary navigation.

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