The Ways SEO And Web Design Go Together

Improving a website’s performance requires managing several factors simultaneously. One of the most common buzzwords thrown around is “SEO”, but there’s more to it than that.

Good web design and SEO go together like ham and cheese, and the result is a site that people just navigate through naturally.

Here are a few ways that SEO and web design go together.


Whenever someone brings up something like King Kong SEO, mobile devices will inevitably be brought up. That makes sense, as the majority of people browse with their mobile devices, with more than half of users browsing on the move.

Naturally, with a demographic size like that, a good mobile-friendly design is a must for any website that wants to have good SEO.


Every second counts on the internet. With so many things fighting for people’s attention, a website needs to load as quickly as possible, without a second wasted. Faster sites also make it easier for Google to crawl it, which is a key factor in good search engine rankings.

Easy design

By which we mean the design of your site is easy to understand and go through. It’s easy on the eyes, easy on the attention span, and is easy to grasp. If you take a good look at good King Kong SEO, then you’ll see how easily digestible the site’s content is.

Keep things easy to read, easy to see, and easy to understand, and your search engine rankings will improve nicely.


While not something that can be measured, trust is a key part of making sure your site is ranked well.

Most people, especially on the internet, are quick to form opinions, so it’s important that a site is clean, easy to navigate, and process. When a visitor goes to a site, they need to know what it’s about in a snap.