Tips for Improving Your Digital Agency Review Setup

With e-commerce on the rise and a multitude of brands competing with each other for the best rankings and the lowest deals, it can become difficult for a business to stand out among the rest. One of the ways for improving search rankings beyond web traffic and paid ads is by making the most out of a review system. Not only does this boost your brand’s credibility, it also informs Google that your brand is valuable and therefore worth climbing up the search results.

These tips will help you maximise the potential of customer feedback to help grow your business:

  • Use review platforms that have a wide reach to online users, such as Facebook Review, Yelp, and Amazon.
  • Encourage your customers to leave feedback. Send them an e-mail after the transaction, ideally after a day or two, when they are more likely to give an objective response about the product or service they availed.
  • Engage with the customers who left feedback. Thank them for their opinions, and show that their feedback is important to you.
  • Share customer feedback on your website and social media pages. Highlighting the customer experience increases your trustworthiness and the value you put in their responses.

As Google’s search features evolve, customer feedback is playing an important role in search rankings. For instance, King Kong agency review quickly turns up on the search results because of the influx of feedback that have been written about the company. The more responses, the higher the ratings, the more likely Google will boost your business above your competitors.