Why Use Responsive Design On Your E-commerce WebsiteE-commerce

Many of the e-commerce website owners are considering the prospect of responsive web design to enhance the users’ multi-screen experience. Using responsive web design on their websites can help reduce a lot of cost thereby reducing its complexity because it will be using a single code. It will also assure the websites future to be stable in all to-be-released devices.

Thought here are many who are considering using this technique, there are also website owners who are still not sure whether responsive web design is the way to go. This may solve their multi-screen problem but they are not sure whether this will affect the user experience prior to adapting the responsive design. The overall website performance is also in question.


Responsive web design ensures that a website adapts to different devices, may it be a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Take for example the website, brony.com. When a website is on responsive web design, it utilizes only one set of code and still maintains the core contents and features of a website. The presentation of the website will be according to the device’s capacity. A smaller screen means a different font size or a hidden sidebar.

Some companies use this technique because they want to ensure that customers will be able to visit the site on whatever device they prefer. This is good for companies since they won’t have to maintain both mobile and tablet sites.

What are the risks?

While responsive web design may benefit some e-commerce websites, it will do more harm than good to others. There are websites that are just hard to re-arrange on a mobile site without confusing the customers and changing their websites flow in tremendous ways.

Thirty-percent of a website’s traffic comes from mobile phones. This means that utilizing responsive web design on a website is not optional if e-commerce owners want more customers on their door.

This is very unfortunate to those who have websites that does not sit well with responsive web design for they have big changes to make and their mobile sites may look a tad different. They have to know that by taking this step, they will have to spend more. In this case, making separate codes for different websites might be the best way to go.


Responsive web design is the future of all e-commerce sites if they want to drive more traffic to their websites. It is worth considering for any e-commerce owners.