Useful Tips To Improve The Design Of A Legal Website

Every element of a law firm’s website must be carefully planned. However, even the best website designs have to be updated to enhance the brand, communicate a clear message to potential clients and increase conversion. If the site does not accurately reflect the message of the law firm, it most likely needs some refreshing.

Quick tips that will refresh website design

  • The call-to-action buttons guide users towards a goal or conversion. In order to encourage a visitor to click on the call-to-action button, it needs to be prominently placed with action-oriented text. A contrasting color will make the call-to-action button stand out.
  • Another great way to update design is to add links to social profiles. Keep the links simple but accessible so that potential clients will be encouraged to connect with the firm on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.
  • It is important to provide clients with a great experience. Do not use the default “Submit” text on call-to-action. A better option is to use a phrase that is cohesive and corresponds better to the user’s end goals.
  • The focus of web design is usually on the homepage or landing page. However, if the website is optimized for SEO, potential clients may be directed to a subpage first. When updating the website, it makes sense to add branding to subpage design.
  • Reviews have become an important part of website content because they highlight the experiences of previous clients. To convert visitors to clients, add reviews from Google, social media and other review sites to content.
  • If pages have been added to the website, make sure that main navigation is still user friendly. Check whether the links make sense, if they are organized properly and if there are duplicates.
  • Sliders work well for the homepage to attract visitors. However, the slider can be replaced with a video that potential clients will prefer to engage with.

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