Useful Tips When Choosing Shower Curtains

The shower curtain plays an important role in bathroom aesthetics. Its design and style can easily transform the look and mood of the bathroom. Since there are many different options in the market, it would be quite daunting to choose the best design that will match with the décor and accessories.

How to choose a shower curtain

Plastic is a favourite choice because it is affordable. If the curtain no longer looks good, you won’t feel guilty throwing it in the trash. Vinyl shower curtain is also cheap but it has serious drawbacks. Vinyl is made from PVC that contains high levels of phthalates. The toxic odour of PVC can cause headaches and nausea. Fabric shower curtains are usually made from polyester that is resistant to moulds and mildew. When the fabric gets dirty, it can be easily washed and re-used.

Shower curtains come in different sizes but the most common measurements are: 70 by 70 inches, 70 by 72 inches and 72 by 72 inches. To prevent the curtains from pooling on the floor, measure the distance between the curtain rods or rings to the floor. The size of the bathtub and shower will also determine the length of the curtain. You can opt for an extra-long or extra-wide curtain or two standard-sized curtains next to each other.

The colour scheme of the curtain must blend with the bathroom décor, fixtures and accessories. A good idea is to choose a curtain that will complement the colour, pattern and style of the bathroom towels. Shades of blue promotes peace and serenity while bright or neutral colours make a space look bigger.

If you do not want a shower curtain with the same shade as the towels, choose colours in the same colour family. If you find white curtains as boring, choose a pattern that appeals to you and will complement the towels and rugs.

If you are planning to update the bathroom, a good way to start is to replace the shower curtains in a colour and pattern that blends well with the bathroom design. A better option is to personalize the curtains so that it is unique to you and only you.