Wall And Floor Tiles— What Is The Difference?

If you are out choosing the wall and floor tiles of your new home, you might have wondered if there is any difference between the two. Walls and floors both need tiles especially in some areas of the house, but do they have significant differences?


Bearing weight

First off, wall and floor tiles differ in their ability to bear weight. Floor tiles, obviously have to carry the weight of everything put on top of it, including the people who step on it, walk on it, and work on it. However, wall tiles do not have much capacity. They might crack or budge, or may not be manufactured to resist the kind of dirt and moisture that floor tiles often experience. However, while wall tiles cannot bear the weight that floor tiles effortlessly can, they are a good choice for walls and splash backs because they are easy to clean. Most wall tiles don’t need as much cleaning as floor tiles.


Resistant to wear

Aside from bearing weight, floor tiles are also manufactured to be wear-resistant. Imagine all the friction that these surfaces experience everyday— people walk all over the floor, kids play on it, as well as pets, some items get dragged across the floor, was well as heavier items like furniture or home appliances. These things exert effort upon the surface, which could damage it over time. However, floor tiles are designed and manufactured to be resistant to these forces, which can help its longevity.


Can floor tiles be used on walls?

There may be some good reasons why you’d want to try this as well.


First, larger tiles are continually becoming the more popular choice among different types of tiles. Most of these tiles, however, are floor ties. So if you want to follow this trend and use it on your walls, it is totally doable. These are great in making small rooms look big, and minimize the areas where grout could grow.


Some floor tiles also help create a more modern look to the room, adding just the right amount of style and class into your home. The minimalist style would also work really well if you use the same tiles for your walls and flooring, so this could be another good reason to use floor tiles on your walls.