Ways That Web Design Can Drive Up Customer Reviews

Every business with their own site is always strives to collect online reviews. See, reviews like kingkong com au review matter a lot, as studies have shown that reviews is one of the biggest factors in their decision to buy or interact with a company.

Which is why using web design to influence reviews is paramount. Here’s a few tips in providing better user experiences while encouraging customers to write reviews.

Visuals for summarizing important information

The odds of your customers’ reviews focusing on a few choice details are pretty good. You want to help online customers by using visual elements to show the consensus or disagreement regarding a product or service.

Using graphics to deliver relevant information in a digestible manner, while allowing for a quick review process will allow the customers to provide reviews; the convenience makes them more likely to provide information.

Take a look at how Nordstrom summarizes customer reviews of shoes. There’s a slider graphic that shows how well the shoes tend to fit based on customer reviews, which is basically reviewers letting potential customers predict how well a shoe will fit them. It gives them a sense of how well the product will work for them without the need of having to try it, which is huge for reviews.

Customer and review verification

On a lot of e-commerce websites, anyone can just log in whenever and write a review of a product or service, even if they haven’t actually bought, used, or acquired the service or product. Needless to say, that’s an issue, and not something that a good kingkong com au review site would allow.

Sure, it’s hard, but verifying reviews and purchases goes a long way. For one, it tells potential reviewers that you care about the products and services you offer, and, two, it also provides a chance to get closer with customers. After all, when you put that effort in to double check reviews, you’re showing that customer input matters greatly.

Offer context for reviews

If you’re in the good position where you have to scroll through pages of reviews, then you need to add a summary that your customers can use for the contextualization of their reviews.

This recap basically sums up the general public’s opinion of a product, letting them decide for themselves how much stock they want to put on a particular review. If, for example, there’s a negative review amidst dozens of positive ones, then they can figure that that particular instance is an outlier.