Web Design Elements That Will Tell A Story

Your business is about canvas prints in UK and you want a website that is unique and will tell a story to set it apart from the competition. There are some elements in website design which can be incorporated to tell a story about the company. Other elements can improve how content will look on a mobile device and provide the visitor with a happy shopping experience.

Web design elements to improve the site’s performance

  1. Unique typography – many companies use a particular font to distinguish them from their competitors. Recently, web designers have received a large selection of fonts to choose from to express the uniqueness of the brand. Based on the typography used, you can lead users to different sections of the page.
  2. Large images create a strong visual experience that encourages a user to scroll down the page and read more. Since the product is canvas prints UK, you won’t encounter problems with images. Just opt for the most beautiful and striking canvas prints that can catch the attention of visitors. However, make sure that the images are responsive so that the same experience can be gained no matter the device used to access the site.
  3. Videos make it easy to tell a story about the company. With videos, you can create less content because they will be doing the story-telling. Besides that, videos are processed more quickly by user’s brains than text.
  4. In 2013, Apple shifted to a flat design that is easier for users to comprehend. It also loads more quickly because there are no complicated and over-technical elements. However, it is important to ensure that the flat design is consistent on all the pages to help visitors understand what they are viewing.
  5. Extra large product images are not a coincidence but a technique to highlight different features of the product. To give you a better idea, you can feature a giant image of your best canvas prints UK at the top of the page with smaller images available as the visitor scrolls down. Large product images tend to highlight the features of the product in a more efficient way.