Web Design Tips For Law Firms

Competition is common in a lot of industries, and the legal industry is no exception, which is why it’s important for any law firm to stand out from the others. In an age where more and more people rely on the internet to find things that they need, a law firm’s site needs to be good at bringing people in to read more on their website, and show off the skills and expertise that can help them with their legal troubles.

For law firms that want to stay ahead of the competition, sticking out is a must, and that starts with a well-designed site. Here are a few tips.

Use the logo and the brand name

A logo helps people recognize a brand, as proven by anyone looking at the logos of giants like Apple or the NBA. Naturally, a law firm needs a logo to stand out, and a firm’s site needs to make use of that logo to help with that. Display it prominently at the home page, and have it at the top of every page so that people will remember it when they go to your site.

The legal practice’s name should also be used, as part of the URL, as exact-match domains are pretty much obsolete in the age of SEO supremacy.

Use the brand colors

Adding a bit of color to a page helps liven it up, and can also help associate it with your brand, if you use the brand colors in the design. By peppering the brand’s colors into their site, a law firm’s potential clients will associate info they see with the brand, when they read more on their website or look up the brand by other means.

Share testimonials

One of the best ways to garner trust and credibility is to have past clients and customers talk about their experiences with your brand. It’s one of the most powerful ways to market to people, as the word of others carries a lot of weight in the internet. Take advantage of this by displaying testimonials on your homepage, on your site, or on the profiles of lawyers and attorneys.

Display achievements and practice areas

Showing off what achievements you and your other lawyers have is a great power move, as it promotes skills, while also building trust and credibility, which are very important for a law firm.

Another smart move is to show the areas of practice for each lawyer alongside contact information, so that clients know exactly who to turn to for their specific legal needs.