Web Design Tips For Software Companies

Good web design is important for a company looking to gain a foothold on the internet, especially if they handle software and technology. Whether it’s operating systems, or software for IT inventory management, a company’s site must be informative and good at providing conversion touch points without being boring or overwhelming the visitor.

Naturally, this means that software companies need to be smart in how they design their website. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Minimize cluttered text

Adobe says that about 30% of people that visit a site leave because the content is too long.

On the flip-side, in-depth and informative content is key to ensuring that Google ranks a site well. There needs to be a balance; content needs to be as relevant to the visitors’ needs as possible, while delivered in a concise and appealing manner.

When making anything lengthy, consider using graphics to explain things in a visually appealing manner. Card design is also an option, breaking concepts into different cards with accompanying icons, visual aids, and text. This allows for more copying and ensures the site remains visually appealing.

White space is useful

Continuing from the above point, a bit of white space is good at keeping people’s attention. Good use of white space between paragraphs and in the margins of the site help people focus on the content and understand stuff better.

It’s a good way to relax the mind, so to speak, from information on a page, which is important since software marketing tends to deal with things like IT inventory management, technical specifications, features, and other esoteric terms.

Too much white space is bad, though. ‘Too much of a good thing’ as they say.

Show off a product with videos or images

Whenever people check out a company’s site, odds are they’ll check out products and services first thing. That means that a software company should have good images and videos showing off what they offer to visitors on their site. A virtual tour or demo is a good idea, as well. The key is making sure the potential customers know what they’re dealing with.

Benefits should be seen first thing

Truth is, most people on the internet have short attention spans. That means that the first few seconds of loading accounts for a large part of the first impression. Simply put, any benefits a software company can provide to customers should be the first thing that visitors to their site can see, so that opinions are swayed favorably.