Website Design For A Transport And Logistics Company

Transport and logistics companies like Titan Transline require a strong online presence in the highly competitive market. A professional website will help the logistics company improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction and service productivity.

Website design for a freight forwarding company must represent the services provided. One of the highly recommended features is real-time order tracking so that the freight sender and receiver will know where the shipment is currently in. Tracking must be easy and convenient for the customer. All that the customer needs to do is enter the shipping ID in the tracking field to see the progress.

The logistics website must be able to provide the customer with information on estimated delivery date and time so that they will know when to expect the shipment. Transportation costs must be calculated based on weight, distance, country and other factors being used by the logistics company.

The website must allow clients to book shipments 24/7 using desktop or a mobile device. A simple form must be designed for centralized ordering and billing management dashboard with all the details of the order to improve operational efficiency.

Many customers would like the option of paying for the logistics services directly through the website. There must be a secure payment gateway to ensure safe transactions. In order to attract more customers, an option is the use of multiple payment options that will be convenient and efficient to customers.

Many customers would like the opportunity to talk with a person when there are issues that have to be resolved. Some customers have a question about the shipment process, documentation or delivery specifications. Live chats and contact forms can be incorporated into the website design.

Customers want to be confident that they are dealing with a reliable logistics company. The homepage or landing page of the website must include feedback, star-ratings, awards and other elements that will enhance the company’s reputation.

The user-friendly web design of Titian Transline is straightforward and intuitive as to what steps are required for your transportation request. Just click contact us if you need transportation for your goods. You are guaranteed reliable and customized service suitable to your needs.