Why Do People Trust Reviews?

Consumers have come to expect reviews for just about everything. They would consult reviews before watching a movie, before buying a book, before hiring a digital marketing agency, or before travelling. According to Forester research, reviews and ratings are the most influential user-generated content.

If consumers trusted the recommendations of family and friends in the past, today, they trust the opinion of strangers who have experienced a product or service. It makes sense for marketers to explore ways to integrate the opinions of people in their marketing initiatives.

There have been recent instances when companies were criticized for their broad and general claims in their advertisements. You cannot just state that your product is the best in the market without providing proof. Reviews are powerful because they are authentic and unbiased. Ratings and reviews can be used to substantiate claims and protect the brand’s reputation.

The voice of customers must be heard as they really are so that they will establish trust among consumers. For example, a verified shopper has posted a well-written and highly favourable review of a product. It makes sense to include the positive review in the advertising initiatives to grab the attention of other shoppers. A better option is to share the positive review on social media platforms that are visited by your target audience.

A digital marketing agency always keeps in mind the importance of king kong advertising reviews. The company understands that reviews are the voices of their clients that must be heard and valued. They use consumer reviews in their marketing initiatives because of their power to persuade and influence.