Why SEO Web Design Is Important

When people make business investments, it’s part and parcel to see what the returns will be. But SEO web design is a bit less clear on that. It’s not as easy to see why those King Kong SEO reviews matter. But they do, they really do.

Here’s a few reasons why.

Visitor retention

Website traffic is key for any business today, in the Internet age. SEO web design improves your ranking in search engines, which, in turn, makes you easier to see when potential customers are looking for you. Better SEO web design is built to ensure good speed, as SEO takes note of any form of slowdown; for every extra second a page takes to load, visitors are lost.

It’s such a big difference, that extra second or two. 2 seconds of extra loading amounts to 12% of visitors lost, 4 seconds double that.


Not the kind where you find people to date. Attracting from SEO means that your site attracts people who have a high chance of becoming paying customers, and can share your company and brand to the other people.

Sites like King Kong SEO reviews do this by utilizing design features, widgets, imagery, text and other elements that appeal to your target demographic. This, of course, requires that you know your target demographic properly. Cookie-cutter stuff don’t really work, and that’s why professional helps is great.

Makes it easy for the user

Sites should be consistent. If people visit your site, it should carry the same aesthetics throughout its pages, and be easy navigation. Good SEO is about making sure navigation is easy, and the site design is consistent. Things should be seamless, gently guiding visitors through the content, features, and other things. There shouldn’t be things that detract from the content; distractions are unneeded and unwanted.

It gets good attention

People will warn their friends or others about bad experiences with websites. Most won’t even bother to come back. On top of that, the vast majority of people check reviews before acquiring or paying for something. A bad reputation online will cost you a huge amount of business.  That’s why that SEO optimization and those King Kong SEO reviews matter.