Why Website Design Must Be Based On The Visitor’s Point Of View

It is a widely accepted fact that the internet has affected many aspects of modern life and businesses. For example, online awareness can be generated for a dentist by having a website that explains the different treatment and procedures offered from dental implants process to its benefits and costs. Patients tend to access information from websites before they make an informed decision.

Most website owners assume that a mobile site is just a secondary consideration when it should be at the top of the list. Mobile has rapidly caught up to desktops when it comes to accessing websites. Designing for mobile must be seriously considered depending on the goal that the website wants to accomplish.

In the design of the mobile site, it is critical to express the most important message on the smart phone screen. What is one thing that website visitors must receive before they leave the site? For some businesses, it can be the contact information while for others; it can be the competitive pricing information. Others can inform the user about their expertise to build trust.

Previously, website design is based on the businesses’ point of view. Now it is important to create design from the point of view of visitors and how search engines will view the site. According to SEO expert Scott Keever, all elements of a website including those used to boost SEO must promote user friendly navigation and good user experience.

Website design must always be kept simple with headlines short and clear to engage the visitor. Call to action must be obvious to properly lead visitors. Visitors must immediately know what the site is all about. All the design elements from typography, images, logos and colours must be consistent with branding. It would be great if web design could consider the group considered as the best prospects.

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